Complete Set of 39 Monographs

Complete Set of 39 Monographs

American Herbal Pharmacopoeia
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PLEASE CONTACT US AT +1-831-461-6318 TO ORDER HARDCOPIES OF ALL 39 MONOGRAPHS - $1466.00 + tax and shipping.

The Complete Set of Monographs is available here as a Digital Download. Choose PDF File in the Media options. A link will be sent via email immediately after purchase. The 39 PDF files will be included in the downloaded 150mb Zip file.

Purchase all 39 monographs for the best quality control standards and therapeutic reporting on hand. All monographs can be used for your marketing purposes, or to complete your personal herbal library. With 20% off you won’t miss a single monograph.

After ordering all of AHP monographs, one customer replied back…..

"The box arrived at the beginning of lunch. Usually we have rowdy conversations, but after opening the box, all the staff grabbed a monograph and we sat and ate in silence, each person pouring over their documents."
– John Redden RH, Viriditas Herbal Products